About Maggie McTavish

Maggie was able to find the issues we had on our website and created a strategy to eliminate them. We are very happy with our outcome.

– Peggy B.

Where Passion Meets Digital Prowess

Dive into a realm where digital marketing transcends the ordinary – I’m Maggie McTavish, where creativity meets strategy and passion fuels growth.

My Canadian-Panamanian roots infuse a unique warmth into sharp, innovative strategies, shaping digital experiences that not only capture attention but also create lasting impact. In my career, it’s not just about pioneering; it’s about partnering with you to turn your business goals into remarkable successes.

Connector and Growth Catalyst: More than marketing – I build bridges. Your vision becomes a compelling digital story that resonates and transforms.

SEO and Web Innovation Leader: Elevating your online presence with more than just rankings – I create captivating, conversion-focused digital experiences.

Inspiring Speaker & Insightful Mentor: Merging real-world wisdom with dynamic energy, my workshops and mentorship sessions are a powerhouse of practical insights.

Creative Strategist with a Human Touch: Expertly balancing data-driven tactics with creative spark, I craft empathetic and effective marketing strategies.

Inside My Digital Marketing World

My Philosophy

At the core of my work is a belief in transparent, results-oriented strategies. I’m dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations by focusing on practical, effective solutions.
My philosophy is about building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success. Whether it’s through guiding a marketing campaign or mentoring a fellow professional, I approach every task with a commitment to excellence and a passion for results.

My Journey

From a promising start in social media marketing to becoming a leader in SEO and web development, my career has been a testament to adaptability and persistence. Without a formal university degree, I climbed the corporate ladder to Marketing Director, proving that determination and skill can triumph. Now, as an independent consultant and the force behind Mango Media, I apply my corporate learnings to help businesses and individuals achieve their digital marketing goals.

My Approach to Your Success

My approach is client-centric and collaborative. Every project begins with understanding your unique needs and objectives. I blend creativity with analytics to develop strategies that not only resonate with your audience but also drive measurable success. It’s about being agile, responsive, and always aligned with your vision, ensuring every step we take together is a step towards your business goals.

What to Expect Working with Me

When you work with me, expect a partnership that values your vision and prioritizes your success. I offer clear communication, comprehensive support, and a commitment to delivering results that matter. From increasing your website’s search visibility to enhancing your overall digital presence, I’m here to guide you through every phase of your digital marketing journey, ensuring we achieve your goals together.